Sunday, August 16, 2009

The last 36 hours (or so)

Yesterday was Earthfest. I could write novels of the chaos, discrepancies with vendors, frustrations with volunteers not showing up, amazing performances, delicious food, valuable friends, fabulous weather and overall fun.

But I won't.

Let's just say, I was up at 4:30 (ten minutes before the alarm clock went off), to get to the park at 6:00, which is fine. I can deal. I got home just before 10:00, figuring I could unwind and get myself to bed at a reasonable hour, since I had to work at 11:00 the next morning. Whoo, boy, was I wrong!

I went to bed around 11:00. Aaron and I talked a brief while while laying in bed, I was just about asleep when...Autumn woke up. And she was not happy in the least. She wakes up on occasion, but usually gets herself back down. Not tonight. I figured, I'll check her diaper, snuggle with her a bit, and she should be fine. Unfortunately, I picked her up, and her whole body (she was in nothing but a diaper) was just scorching hot. I could not find her thermometer, so I told Aaron to hang out with her and I'd get one at the nearest 24-hour Walgreens (only a 2-minute drive away). 105.0 was the reading. To the ER we go.

That was scary as hell. She had been running a slight temperature since Friday, but I figure, she's teething, it happens. If it was still going on Monday morning, I'd take her to the walk-in clinic. She looked and felt awful, and I felt completely guilty for being too busy with Earthfest business to take care of her sooner. I had a minor breakdown in the ER between waiting for various tests. Not that the tiredness had anything to do with it (sarcasm, sarcasm).

So, after two needles, a urine sample (via mini-cath), a chest x-ray, and a few catnaps on my chest, Autumn managed through the night, all the way till 3:00am. So, she slept till her usual time this morning, took her 1 1/2 naps (which was the norm before all of this), and has been very snuggly. Her temp is still a bit high, but much more manageable. We go to her regular pediatrician tomorrow for a follow-up.

So there it is. I'm heading to bed early tonight. Or, at least I'll be in my pjs doing nothing in a few minutes. Hopefully something will give during the overnight. This is the most sickness I've dealt with for Autumn. I guess we've been pretty lucky that way.

Tuesday, I have an anti-Pagan protester to deal with, but that's for another posting.