Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So, um, yeah.

Reading my sis-in-law's blog, I read that April is another NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month). So I guess I'll give it a shot. Yeah, I'm starting a day...OK, an hour early. Deal.

Had another awesome Pagan discussion group meeting tonight. The gal who was supposed to do the "teaching" wasn't able to make it, and the group "leader" (she doesn't like that title, as she really doesn't want the group to have a leader, but rather have it be a whole, equal unit) was going to be late due to an exam at school. So I whipped up a discussion about Feng Shui. I really need to practice what I teach.

Autumn's been a bit under the weather. She had an icky sounding throat a few weeks ago, and it sounds very similar to that. I'm just hoping she can still sleep decent. I've been hearing peeps from her through the baby monitor all night. Thankfully, we did not take her to tonight's meeting, and Aaron stayed home with her.

I should really head to bed. I've been eating too much tonight, and I feel like crap because of it. Sigh. It's off to the Y tomorrow...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Earthfest and fam'ly days and camps, OH MY!

Events are busting out all over, and I couldn't be happier.

Today I got the official 'thumbs up' from the 4-H committee to use Camp Riversite for Midsummer Fest. Now it's time to get off my butt and, well, sit in front of the computer to get my paperwork and advertising together. Go fig. Thankfully my crack team of Pagan mamas (and one daddy) are on the job.

A few days ago I found out that Pizza Hut will be holding a "Family Fun Day" to be a fundraiser for Camp Heartland. This is a camp that Pizza Hut has sponsored for several years, and is for children with HIV/AIDS. Our particular store always kicks ass, typically taking first place in the area (unfortunately second last year). Basically I'll be creating a mini Kids Korner from Earthfest. A tiny scrap of scribbled-on paper and twenty minutes later, I've pretty much got the whole thing planned.

Sadly, Earthfest is sort of low on the priority list. It's not until August. There are two fundraisers in the coming month and a half, but they're pretty much set up.

Aaron's done with his temp job assignment for now, due to some totally BS circumstances. On the bright side, no more having the alarm go off hours before dawn. I'm not exactly a morning person, to say the least.

This is the stuff I live for, though. Blissfully, all the events I'm working with are family-friendly, so including Autumn, Aaron, and my friends with their kids in everything is hardly a stretch. I hate to put it this way, but I'm glad having a child hasn't taken me away from the events I love to put together. In fact, being a mom helps me look at it from a different angle, which makes these things turn out better.

Tomorrow is my day off, starting with swimming class the Y with Autumn. It's gonna be a good day.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I just don't know anymore...

I'm feeling a bit off right now, and my right hand is really, really cold, so I'm having a hellova time typing. Anywho...

So, Aaron's working a temp job this week. It's nowhere near permanant, but it kinda gets him back into the swing of things. Hopefully this is a good sign that there is at least SOMETHING out there, now. I'm not holding my breath. I think this is good for the both of us, though. It's been five months since Aaron's been out of work. Sadly, I almost feel more productive when I'm here by myself, with Autumn, of course. It's kind of this weird feeling that - even though you are married and live together - you need to entertain the other person here, which prevents me from being motivated to do housework. I don't mind housework, and Autumn is pretty cooperative when I want to get things done. I just haven't had the desire lately. Heck, I even did dishes yesterday, and that's usually Aaron's territory.

Next, I'm starting to seriously reconsider staying with Home Instead...again. We really need the little bit of extra money, but I just had two former clients pass away this week. Both were in their 30's. One passed last year, and I found out via newspaper obit the night Aaron and I went out for our anniversary. I was very close to her, so to the point that I brought Autumn to see her while she was in a nursing home. I took care of that woman through a good part of my pregnancy. These last two, I weren't particularly close to, but one was a friend of my uncle's, and the other I took care of for most of my pregnancy, even though we didn't quite "get along", per se. It's still not that easy.

I had a good workout at the Y today, though. And if I didn't this paragraph would be written much differently. I haven't lost any weight in months. I know my diet has a lot to do with that, but the timing of my job, and the fact that it's friggin' Pizza Hut is killing the whole plan. I'm feeling very stuck, and there are more and more days when I wonder why I even bother going to the Y. Like I said, today brought a good workout, where I gave myself a goal and actually stuck to it. I'm going to a weekly workout class called Zumba. It's based on a lot of Latin dance, and it's actually a lot of fun, except for the fact that I have the rhythm of a white girl. And that I'm totally envious of the gorgeous redhead that leads the class. But the participants come in all shapes, sizes and abilities, so I don't feel like I stand out, which is a good thing.

Today's been a good day so far. Autumn's sleep pattern completely meshed with what we needed it to this morning, she's taking a good nap now, and I'm feeling alright. I've been on an antibiotic for this apparently "chronic" sinus issue I've been dealing with. I had sinus problems for 6 months of my pregnancy, thinking it was just the wonky hormones. But when I got it again, I hit the doctor's office once the one month mark hit. I'm NOT going another six months like that. And it seems to be working. Yay.

Daisy's empty cage is still sitting behind me. It's been nearly a month, I just realized. And a tear is still welling up behind my eyes. We were supposed to do a little something to honor her at the Ostara ritual, but it was cancelled due to the fact that the host family came down with a nasty stomach flu. I don't know what to do with it. It's junk, really, since there's a large crack on one side. I just don't have the heart to move it yet.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yeesh, it's been too long again...

So, first I'm going to get this out: We have "unofficially" gotten the OK to use Camp Riversite for Midsummer Fest. The chairwoman read the letter I presented and was very positive about the whole thing. She got the feeling that we are a non-profit without the legal title. I can finally get the ball rolling. YAY!!!

The good streak at the weekly Pagan discussion group that we've been attending continues. There was no illuminating realizations or anything. It's just been good. Bronwen, who recently published her first book, has spring break from school next week and wanted to take a road trip to Appleton next Tuesday, which sounds like a total blast. I'm totally looking forward to it.

Autumn continues to amaze Aaron and I. There aren't any major stories to tell or anything, she just keeps growing and getting smarter. I guess there is one story; Last week we went to our (what we can loosely call a) mall, which has a play area in the center for toddlers. Autumn was the smallest child there, as usual, and there were a few kids who were blatantly pushy and commanding, and they kept knocking Autumn off the steps for the slide. She wasn't getting physically hurt, nor did she fuss, so we let her do her own thing, no matter how irritated we got. It just amazed Aaron and myself on how unphased she was. She managed to just say "the heck with you, I'll go do someting else." Bless her heart.

There was a bunch of other crap at work, nothing major. Life goes on. I feel like there should be more to write, but I'm drawing a blank. Until next time, then...