Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mama's Day

So today's Mother's Day, and I've got to leave for work in about a half hour. I should really get out of my PJ's.

This has been quite an interesting weekend. Friday night I worked, and at first it was looking to be dreadfully slow, which means no decent amount of income. The other drivers were sent home and we were handed a late rush. I came out quite well, I must say. We didn't get out of the building until 2:30am, but my manager was in one of the most pleasant moods to come from him that I have seen in quite some time. We mocked some of his former classmates that I worked with during my first stint at the Hut, we laughed a lot, it was all good.

Yesterday was Motherfest, an annual Earthfest fundraiser held on the weekend of Mother's Day. Aaron and Autumn joined me for a while, but much to our chagrin, it was not an ideal setting for a toddler. There were many friends in the area who are used to young ones, and they were very accommodating with her, but the second nap was inevitable, so Aaron and Autumn were dropped off at home.

It was planned that I perform some spoken word "poetry" (I feel it's more prose) by Maggie Estep between some of the singing performers. I really don't remember much about the actual performances, but I ended up doing a bit of MC-ing in the process. For my last round I knew ahead of time that the group's set-up was going to take a bit of time, so after the one poem I had left had finished (which got a lot of great responses), I improvised for some time to keep it rolling. It was an absolute blast. I had a handful of people tell me that it was a lot of fun to watch my energy roll on stage like it did. The weird thing was that I wasn't really putting a lot of acting into my work. I just did it. I think I should start my own karaoke business. We just gotta stop being broke.

So here I am, telling myself to get off the computer and get ready for work. Oddly, I'm only scheduled till 4:00, when it's usually 7:00. I know the reasoning, and it's stupid, but I get to be thankful now because we're heading to my grandma's for supper tonight, which I was just made aware of at about 10:30 last night. I'm just going to enjoy the day, hopefully make some bucks, and celebrate Mother's Day at suppertime - with four generations of kick-ass women in one room. Look out world.

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