Monday, November 24, 2008

Confessions of an overweight Pizza (non)Slut

I've been going to a chiropractor since I was pregnant with Autumn. He's a total hippie, which is cool. A few weeks ago, we got talking about my toxic lifestyle. Not sleeping because of Autumn's waking, my lousy diet due to the abundance of free food from the Hut, lack of exercise because I'm a lazy schmuck, your garden-variety crap. My chiro quickly spewed out a laundry list of things I can do to my diet to kick-start a new, healthy lifestyle. It was a bit, OK very overwhelming.

Now, I know I've been overweight most of my life. Many kids I went to school with made a point to remind me of this on a daily basis for many years. I've come to accept my shape, and I've been blessed with a husband who has never made one negative comment on my image. However, after this particular conversation, my weight took a spot on the front burner for the first time in a long time...and stayed there for several weeks.

Today was the first day back to the chiro since. I've been given a packet on a 7-day detox and we'll be further discussing it on Wednesday. Oy! The detox is intense. One day requires not doing any work since you're basically fasting. Me...not work??? I've got a toddler-in-progress and a never-clean house. Adjustments can be made, right?

I've been wanting to re-start our membership at the YMCA, but with Aaron being out of work, the cost just didn't seem feasible. I've found they offer financial assistance. I'm hoping to get that going soon.

I've also been missing out on a small group of women that get together once a month at Lighthouse Therapy who get together for a mish-mosh of drumming, chanting, meditation, and whatever the mood strikes. I thought to call the always wonderful Kathy Alby (organizer of Earthfest, massage therapist and yoga teacher as a few of her titles), and they're actually meeting this Sunday! And it's the organizer's birthday, so we get a little coffee house time afterwords. How perfect!

I've concluded that a dedication to weight loss and a healthier lifestyle is much like quitting smoking; you truly need to have your head and heart into it. I've watched Aaron try this many times, and the most successful attempts have been on his terms and no one else's. He's gone 2 months now, and (as far as I know) it's going pretty well. I'm proud of him. At any rate, it's a total change that involves every aspect of everyday life that not only requires the physical change in diet and activity, but your spirit must be 'in it to win it.' I hope these re-connections will allow me to listen to my own body better than I have been. I also hope it will allow me to be a better mother, wife, and human being. I owe it to myself to be healthy, and to be a better example for my daughter.

But first, I'll savor every bite on Thursday.

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Diana said...

Good luck with everything! I'll be watching you and I'm blogging about you right now and will be sic-ing all 5 of my readers on you. HA!