Tuesday, November 25, 2008

So much to say, so little time. Strike that, reverse it.

I'm not in a particularly good mood right now. So if you're all bright and cheery, I suggest you stray away from here until tomorrow.

I hate that period when you're in a lousy mood for whatever reason, and you're forced to dwell in it with no outlet. I've found myself in that position many a time while doing deliveries, and that's where I currently sit.

Aaron's out at the Green Room tonight. It's his usual Tuesday night spot where they hold an open mic. I never take issue with him going. We each allow ourselves some time out. Last week we planned to go together for the first time. My mom was going to stay here while Autumn slept. The lack of money and the fact that my mom was going to work a double shift the next day kept us from following through with our plans. This week, no sitter is available and Aaron went on his own as per usual. Just as he was getting ready, a good friend called his cell to say she will be there as well. Now, she's more of a friend of Aaron's than myself, but not by much.

Aaron pointed out, before he left, that there have been plenty of times where I met up with people and he was stuck at home. This is true, and perhaps I'm just being a selfish twit. But I'm still going to be bummed.

I really didn't have a direction I planned to go when I started typing. This is, essentially, my only available outlet. This is just such a lousy way to end what was actually a rather productive day. I handed in my YMCA application, (which I really hope goes through so Autumn and I can participate in a Baby and Me yoga class!) and ran some other needed errands. Though I just realized I forgot to buy toilet paper. You probably didn't need to know that.

I think I might be feeling better. Thanks for sharing in my whiny rant. I think I'm going to go think about how much I hate Twilight to take the edge off...

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