Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Spiral is open, yet unbroken

There is a small group of women that get together once a month at a place in town called Lighthouse Therapy Services. The group is simply called Spiral, and it's, in a nutshell, a hippie gathering. Each time they meet everyone can share what kind of hopes, wishes and energy they wish to bring to the circle, then we drum, chant, sing and whatever else presents itself. It's such a beautiful and spiritual gathering that never feels too intimidating to attend. The last time I went was long before Autumn was ever thought of, and just by "coincidence", I contacted Kathy Alby to ask when the next one was scheduled. As you may have guessed, it was tonight.

I've learned that a healthy lifestyle is more than simply putting better food in your body and exercising more. Mental and spiritual health is crucial for the whole process to come full circle. I've realized that I've been denying myself any sort of spiritual "me time". I don't have a very specific label of what religion I really follow, but whatever it is has kept me going for quite some time, now.

What I love about faith and spirituality, no matter what you believe, is that it's always there waiting for you when you come back for it. At the beginning of the circle I asked to send out supportive energy to myself and Aaron in both our financial situation and our mission to live a healthier lifestyle. Throughout the night I almost physically felt the mental sludge that had been weighing me down lift off of my mind. While standing for another part of the night, I almost felt like I was being lifted off the ground.

At the end of it, I truly feel I'm mentally one step closer to being prepared for the lifestyle transition. At the very least, I got to spend some time with some awesome women, followed by fellowship at Paradigm (a local coffee spot), where I bumped into a few other friends I don't see much. It was worth the trek in the snow.

And now, Autumn has woken up. I haven't seen her much today, so even this will be enjoyable.

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