Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sympathy for the Super Devil-Man

Today was my first day of individual "working out" at the Y. All I did was a half hour on the treadmill and a bit of weightlifting...a very little bit. Anyway, the songs 'Superman' by REM and 'Sympathy for the Devil' were right next to each other on my MP3 player, and they both had the perfect rhythm for walking the pace I was at during that time. I just thought that was cool, and hence my odd title.

Yesterday Autumn and I had our first Baby and Me swimming class. It's meant for kids ages 6-36 months, but Autumn-at 10 1/2 months- is easily the youngest one there. No matter, all the other parents were totally cool about her getting into their stuff for brief moments in the locker room. At this point, the class will be enough for one day's worth of exercise for me, as the deepest part of the pool is only 3'6", and I'm crouching the whole time to keep myself and Autumn mostly under water. Autumn had a blast, especially with the pint-sized body board. I'm totally looking forward to keeping up on this class with her.

Today I came up with this neat trick...Go grocery shopping after working out. I'm less inclined to by crap food! I came home with bunch of veggies and an urge to cook. It's snowing yet again here, so I thought some chili would do us some good. I made a pretty standard batch but used ground turkey instead of beef. As usual I made way too much elbow mac for the chili, so I created a concoction (sp?) of pasta, peas, corn and carrots with a sauce made from turkey gravy and chicken broth, inspired by a food cup from Gerber Graduates that my mom got for Autumn. It's too bland for adults, but it'll be perfect for the munchkin... and way cheaper!

I then burned off my lunch by chasing after the little squirt on my hands and knees for about a half hour. We were both laughing so hard and having a great time. I'm so blessed to have the daughter that I do. She brings so much joy into so many people's lives just by being herself.

Today's been a good day. Unfortunately, I've got to deliver pizzas tonight in the snow. The up-side: Better sympathy tips. The down-side: The other drivers. Wish me luck.

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