Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yeesh, it's been too long again...

So, first I'm going to get this out: We have "unofficially" gotten the OK to use Camp Riversite for Midsummer Fest. The chairwoman read the letter I presented and was very positive about the whole thing. She got the feeling that we are a non-profit without the legal title. I can finally get the ball rolling. YAY!!!

The good streak at the weekly Pagan discussion group that we've been attending continues. There was no illuminating realizations or anything. It's just been good. Bronwen, who recently published her first book, has spring break from school next week and wanted to take a road trip to Appleton next Tuesday, which sounds like a total blast. I'm totally looking forward to it.

Autumn continues to amaze Aaron and I. There aren't any major stories to tell or anything, she just keeps growing and getting smarter. I guess there is one story; Last week we went to our (what we can loosely call a) mall, which has a play area in the center for toddlers. Autumn was the smallest child there, as usual, and there were a few kids who were blatantly pushy and commanding, and they kept knocking Autumn off the steps for the slide. She wasn't getting physically hurt, nor did she fuss, so we let her do her own thing, no matter how irritated we got. It just amazed Aaron and myself on how unphased she was. She managed to just say "the heck with you, I'll go do someting else." Bless her heart.

There was a bunch of other crap at work, nothing major. Life goes on. I feel like there should be more to write, but I'm drawing a blank. Until next time, then...

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