Saturday, December 6, 2008

Eye of the Tiger, or maybe just Albequerque

Today I did my usual shtick at the Y, mainly starting on the treadmill. Just to see what I could do, I went at a jogging pace (typically I'll do a "mall walk"). I gave myself a few minutes warm-up and then said that I would go to the 15-minute mark at the jogging speed. After a few minutes, I wasn't even sure I was going to make it that long. I told myself, 'just one more minute'. That minute came and went, so I decided to go another minute, and so on. I made it to 15 minutes and decided this really wasn't too bad. I eventually went for 20 minutes, doing a total of a mile and a half. I haven't run a mile since high school.

I can imagine some people out there thinking running a dinky little mile isn't all that much to celebrate, but I've tried simply running outdoors, and it is so much easier to just slow down to a walk when it gets "too hard".

To be honest, what seemed to help was that the song "Albuquerque" by Weird Al came on my MP3 player just as I started the jog. It's over 11 minutes long and I have most of it memorized. You have to hear it to understand it. Anyway, I found myself reciting the whole thing as it went along, which made me forget that I was actually doing something difficult. Man, I love that guy.

Tonight I had to work a long night. I'm a bit sore, but I'll manage. I just hope Autumn doesn't give us such a hard time tonight. I'm resisting the urge to weigh myself again until Monday. I'm doing better with the type of foods that I am eating, now I have to work on my portions.

Time for "night-night's", as we call it with Autumn. My yin-yang pillow is calling for me...

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