Sunday, December 21, 2008

Friggin-A it's cold!

Yay! It's Yule today and, well, nature decided to start winter a bit early this year. Hooray for a larger vehicle with new tires.

I haven't been to the Y in about 5 days, which I feel awful about. But I hosted a Yule gathering yesterday, and was prepping for that...sort of. And the day I finally said I was going to go, it was closed because of our second snow day of December! I love snow, I really do. I'm not taking that statement back. In fact, I actually had a blast driving around in the insanity of drifting snow. I often felt like D-Day from Animal House in the Deathmobile shouting, "Ramming speed!" Good times.

Yesterday's get-together was simply wonderful, though. It's so rare that our little Pagan family gets together, but it was totally worth the wait. But, OY! Seven kids in the house at once ranging in age of 6 months to 10 years. This is where the play room came in quite handy.

I am truly blessed for the various families I am a part of, whether it be the Pagan crew, Aaron's family or my own. I could go on some sappy dribble about each of them, but I'm just a tad to tired.

I've got three more days of holiday parties to attend, starting with a Black and White party on Tuesday. I found this killer dress at Goodwill for 5 bucks that is basically black with white polka-dots, in a very rockabilly style. I'm hoping to find shoes to match, and I'll be putting my hair in a very 40's pinup style. I went looking for shoes on Friday, but all the freakin' stores I wanted to go to were closed! Yay, snow! Anyway, I'm totally jazzed about getting to dress up. It'll be cold as hell, but beauty always comes at a price.

This may be my last blog before Christmas. To the itty-bitty group that reads this, enjoy it. Stay warm and stay safe. To the people I actually know that reads this, I love you all!

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