Monday, January 19, 2009

Stuff (at a lack of a creative title today)

Boy, am I doing better today. Yesterday I came home pissed about a two-minute situation at the end of my work shift, came home to a stressed husband, then went back to work today knowing I'd have to confront the situation from last night.

Work went significantly better than I expected. I found myself tattling on myself to my boss in order to explain where my frustration came from. Thankfully the other person's wrongdoing greatly overshadowed mine. Confused? Too bad.

Anywho, things got resolved, my boss sided with me and I came home to a much happier husband. The weather is starting to behave again so I will be able to bring Autumn to our swimming class again tomorrow. I skipped out on the Y all last week and I'm feeling like a total schmuck for doing so.

Michael's birthday party is this Thursday, and I volunteered to make his cake. I may be regretting this in 24 to 72 hours. The idea is based on a cake I saw online with classic Super Mario Brothers as the theme. Pictures of the catastrophe to follow.

Oh yeah, and did I mention my house is falling apart? The kitchen sink got severely clogged from excess cake and frosting crap on Saturday and I just today was able to get around to working on it. The plunger didn't work, Liquid Plumber didn't stand a chance, so I went to the almighty Internet for advice. "Plug the other side of the sink and plunge away"* it said. And whadya know? It worked! Meanwhile, I have a faucet in the basement where a washer has been worn to oblivion, so when it's on at all, it sprays everywhere. This faucet is for our clothes washer, so it can be turned off for now, but we'll need clean clothes sooner or later. Home Depot better have someone in plumbing who knows shit working tomorrow, or I'll start firebombing. No I won't.

*slightly paraphrased.

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Chris said...

Awesome cake idea. My mom made me a Mario cake when I was like 10 or 11. There are pictures somewhere. It actually turned out pretty well. I hope yours did too.

Home Depot rarely has anyone working who knows anything about anything, though every once in a while someone will be surprisingly competent. There's a good reason there are still some old neighborhood hardware stores around. Always follow the advice of the slightly crazy guys who have been selling the stuff 30+ years.