Tuesday, January 27, 2009

When good times go bad.

As I've mentioned previously, I've started attending a Pagan discussion group through the Unitarian Universalist church in town. I'm loving it so far. However, things suddenly took a negative turn over the last week.

Last week, a man showed up for the first time, and in simple terms it was discussed that he wants to seek out a career in law enforcement, but most likely will never get anywhere because no one wants to "give him a chance". One woman, who has been a regular for a while now, mentioned last week that she wanted to discuss visions this week. Between the two meetings, it was revealed that this man is a registered sex offender for sexual assault of a child under 15, with violence and possibly a weapon being involved.

That said, we had talked about bringing children to the group. Aaron and I still brought Autumn, but Bronwen, another regular, said her husband refused to bring her four-year-old. I can't say I blame her.

In the emails during the week I said I didn't want to simply brush off the man's record, but he did declare that all he is asking for is a second chance, and I was willing to give it to him, until I heard what happened before tonight's meeting. The woman wanting to discuss visions arrived 40 minutes early, as she has the key to the building, and the man showed up just as early. The conversation, in a nutshell, was very uncomfortable and ended in the man asking where the woman lived.

That said, the man's "second chance" was over. We all agreed on it and the group leader will respectfully ask the man to not return to the group.

It's so tough to decide what is right in this situation. I agree with asking the man to not return, but he wants a second chance. On the other hand, the above-mentioned woman was able to find his sex offender registry without knowing his last name, and had seen him doing it again in a vision.

As was discussed in a previous meeting when we talked about divination, the future can always change. Just because one has a vision or your tarot says one thing, that never sets anything in stone. Then again, I believe in "harm ye none..."

Hopefully we can move forward from here. I'm very much enjoying the education and community coming from this group. I'm slowly starting to feel like I'm reconnecting with my spirit. Now if my spirit could drag my butt back to the Y.

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