Friday, January 23, 2009

(un)Grateful (brain)Dead

So tonight was Michael's birthday party. Being the genius that I am, I volunteered to have the second half of it at Pizza Hut, since I was already serving and could not attend otherwise. Aaron and I said we'd pay for the food and I decorated Michael's cake (which took over 3 hours to do). Now, I don't mind doing any of these things. I love Darren and Michael dearly.

It came to a few hours before the party was to start at Blue Harbor, and Aaron called the boys' mom, Samantha, to verify times and schedule, etc. We found out at that moment that the invites said for the parents to pick up the kids at 8:30. I'm scheduled till 9 and 20-plus people's worth of crap is a lot to clean. Aaron tries to explain that this is a bit late for Autumn as well as the sake of my job at hand, and she replies that there's no school tomorrow, so it's not late for the kids. With some frustrated backing and forthing, Samantha is not getting it, nor is she listening anymore, so Aaron hangs up. She and I end in a text-fight, where I explain that we're frustrated at the lack of communication. Long story short, she goes into bullshit semantics, and I ask for a truce.

Aaron's parents show up at the Hut well before the party arrives and I find that Samantha had given the wrong location on the invites (there are two Pizza Hut's in town) . Can we call this a communication breakdown yet?

The party itself is a success, I have a mess to clean, but I am prepared for it. Samantha's boyfriend, Jon (who I've long ago established as a guy I think highly of-so why is he with her???) is the only one from Samantha's side of the "family" to acknowledge what kind of task I took on and gave me a sincere "thank you". I'm the type who believes those two words mean everything. Sure, I got a thank you from Samantha, as she had one hand on the door heading out, and I said "bye" to them first. Maybe it's just me, but it didn't seem all that sincere anyway.

Two hours after my scheduled shift I head out. The original plan was that I was going to meet up with my mom at the bowling alley up the street, like we often do on Thursdays. She bailed out to go out with some of the bowling teammates for a preemptive birthday celebration.

I decided to hit Hopps Haven where I knew there would be karaoke. There is a regular there, named Aaron, who is the ultimate performer. He dances with more gusto and vibe than anyone finding themselves dancing alone while cleaning their house. Oh, and he does a bad-ass "Baby Got Back" that puts Sir Mix-a-Lot to shame. As I watch this guy, I sit and wonder what it takes to be so free and unashamed of himself. More people need to be like him, myself included.

After two 7-and-7's on an empty stomach I'm still feeling like shit (in fact, a bit worse for the wear), so of course I hit Taco Bell and come home to eat and vent/blog. I gotta work in about six hours so I better get my ass to bed.

Keep on Truckin'.

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Chris said...

Cake looks great! Too bad it sounds like the three hours of cake decorating was the easy part of your day.