Thursday, April 2, 2009

Beefy and the Beefettes

So I may or may not be completely of a sound mind right now. You know, beer and stuff.

Tonight I had to work. Decent customers, so-so co-workers. Whatever.

The good part of the night was the karaoke-induced drinking, or perhaps the drinking-induced karaoke that ensued afterwards.

WHY IS SETH ROGAN EVERYWHERE???? Apparently he's on Jimmy Fallon tonight, but I digress. (Well, not litterally ON, but whatever.)

So there's this guy at karaoke who calls himself "Beefy", and he did the song 'Enormous Penis' by DaVinci's Notebook. There were two gals that I know from bowling doing, shall we say, back-up dancing with the song. Hence the title Beefy and the Beefettes. It's the biggest laugh I've gotten all night (and the title was my mom's creation. Bless her.)

I had to take Autumn to the walk-in clinic today. She started coughing a lot this morning, and it sounded just awful. I'd never heard this type of cough from her before, so I figured better safe than sorry. Thankfully, it's just some swollen vocal cords, and we've got some medicine that she only has to take today and tomorrow. No biggie, she's good with taking medicine. And she's still in very goods spirits.

Thats in tonight. As Aaron told me to type: K-Boom C Ya ZZZZZZZ 8====D (don't ask.)

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