Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just a quickie before midnight

Not a lot to post about today. We were thinking about getting out of town today. I was looking up various metaphysical shops in the Milwauke or Oshkosh area. There was one in Oshkosh that peaked my interest. We were going to just go there, but something told me to try calling the place. (We found the year-old listing on Witchvox, a popular Pagan website.) The phone number had been disconnected. I looked up the shop name on, and the name of the place was not listed there.

On top of things, just as we were going to head out, Autumn got very upset and inconsolable. This is not normal for her. We figured she was very tired, and it would have been time for her to take a nap typically. The two strange things happening at once just told me today was not the day to make a road trip.

Autumn napped for 3 hours. She still has cold symptoms, so lots of rest is the best thing we can give her at this point. Aaron and I had fun having a nice lunch and playing Wii while she slept. We got out of the house and did a little shopping in town for some needed things, plus a few extra things that will be used for Earthfest and Midsummer Fest. Autumn was a total rock star for all of it.

I worked tonight. Nothing major to write about except for the fact that we had a lot of later orders, which got us out a lot later than we would have liked. It happens, no biggie.

OK, so this wasn't as quick as I'd thought. Meh.

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