Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bloggedy blog blog

Had to work tonight. No biggie. I made some decent money, so that's cool. I didn't have to stay till 3 again. Still cool. Tomorrow I have to drive down to Milwaukee with a couple co-workers for a mandatory meeting. Not cool, but meh.

The rest of the day was so-so. I hit Zumba class, while Autumn hung out in day care. She's definitely a lot more vulnerable about the fact that I'm leaving. Up until about two weeks ago, it never really bothered her. It's so heartbreaking, but she's gotta learn I guess.

I managed a nap in the middle of the day. I don't know if it really helped, but it felt good. I do kinda feel band because I took the majority of my nap while Autumn was awake, and Aaron was trying to get laundry done. The poor girl has been dealing with some tummy troubles, and as a result, has some horrible diaper rash. We've been doing what we can to calm it down, but to no avail today. She's so heartbreaking when you have to wipe her bottom, and she cries out because it's hurting her. I hope it's better tomorrow.

Tomorrow's gonna be nuts. I have the meeting in the morning. Then from 2-10 will be an Earthfest fundraiser in town. At 4 we're meeting up at Aaron's parents' place for his birthday, which was Tuesday. I definitely want to make it to the fundraiser, as many people I know and don't see often will be there, and by proxy, they haven't seen Autumn in ages. We'll se how it goes.

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