Sunday, April 12, 2009

A surprise visit to the parents...

We originally didn't have any Easter plans today. Then my mom called around 11am to let us know that she was cooking a ham and my brother was coming over any minute. So we quickly changed out of our PJs to head out to Gibbsville. It was a wonderful visit, including a family tradition of what is called "egg ticking". Basically, each person gets an Easter egg, and we take turns trying to crack the other person's egg with our own. You get two cracks on your egg before you're out. Last one standing wins. My mom's family has been doing this for as long as I can remember. The first year Aaron was included in this tradition, he won...a can of peaches. (we always come up with cheezy prizes). That can sat several years in our pantry until it finally started leaking.

I had to work tonight, and it was way busier than anyone had expected. I came out with much more money than I had planned, so I'll take it.

Registration for Midsummer Fest is now open. I've finalized all my paperwork and will be getting copies put together tomorrow. The whole thing is finally starting to sink in. Thank gods I've got a great team on my side.

Time for bed, in a few...

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